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Men’s Sunglasses to Suit Your Face Shape

We’ve had a good week of nice weather now which can only mean one thing. It’s time to invest in a new pair of sunglasses. Obligatory for your summer holiday and just plain nice to have for a sunny weekend in a pub beer garden, a decent pair of sunnies should be on hand all summer long. We’ve applied a bit of science on how to pick the perfect pair of sunglasses to suit your face. Just pick the face shape that most resembles yours and scroll down to find the most complimentary pair for your face shape.




Your face is wider at the hairline and thinner at the jaw. You should go for a pair of Clubmaster sunglasses as they have a small, neat frame at the same time as being fairly rectangular. The good thing is the angles are softened slightly so aren’t as harsh looking as some frames, whilst still doing a great job of balancing out your more pointed chin. These are a retro frame and really look best worn with a classic 50s inspired look of a neat polo or oxford shirt with simple chinos and boat shoes or loafers.



You have s strong jaw line and wide cheekbones too. You’re really going to suit a pair of aviator style frames, or anything that is soft and rounded, nothing with harsh angular lines as this will accentuate the hard lines of your face shape. If you’ve got large, masculine features then go as big as you like on the frame, but if they are more refined and neat then watch out for choosing a frame too large as it will overwhelm your features.



Lucky you. The ideal face shape, any sunglasses will technically suit your face so it’s all down to your personal preference. Might we suggest a pair anyway? These keyhole style sunglasses are a classic shape, subtle and not too ‘shouty’ but with just the right level of detailing that makes them a cut above.



If you’ve got a round face shape with fuller cheeks and a softer all over shape then a wayfarer is the style for you. They’re nice and angular which is a complimentary contrast to your face shape. Choose a pair that extend out just slightly wider than your face to elongate it slightly and give the illusion that your temples are higher too. This is a timeless shape which goes with almost everything. If you’re wearing them with a black suit by no means pull on a trilby too. Think Reservoir Dogs NOT Blues Brothers.


Shop all our men’s sunglasses now.

Street Style : Return Of The Mac


You know that feeling when we have a run of 4 dry days over 10 degrees in April and you get a bit excited and leave the house in chinos and a short sleeved shirt? Then come 6pm when you should be enjoying a pint after work in a beer garden you’re sat there shivering?

Well, we’ve got the ideal antidote. A mac is good for all seasons, lightweight enough for the warmest spring days, it’s showerproof for the unpredictable British weather and, well, it just looks damn stylish.

Take a leaf out of the style file from the well dressed guys above and invest in a Trench Coat. We guarantee you’ll look good all year round.

What to wear to play golf

Inspired by The Masters and with the sun shining, we’re keen to hit the golf course and sink a few on the 19th hole with our mates afterwards too.

First thing’s first, you need to look the part. That means a top with a collar, smart trousers (no jeans) and a pair of smarter shoes.

Forget crazy argyle patterns, plus fours and long socks, if you want to dress in style whilst abiding by the sometimes stuffy golf club dress code we’ve got the perfect line-up.


Firstly pick a polo shirt. If you go plain you can definitely afford to go a bit bolder with the colour. Button it right up for a precise and preppy look. Don’t feel obliged to go for a wild colour though if it isn’t your style. Classic neutrals look just as neat.


We don’t think you can beat a pair of chinos. They’re more comfortable and more versatile than a formal pair of trousers. A classic sand or beige chino will look great with a brighter polo, Navy will look impeccable with a white or grey polo and grey looks on point with purple hues.


When it comes to footwear, shoes are the easiest place to slip up. You need spikes on the course but for the bar afterwards, what you want is a smart-casual shoe. Nothing too shiny or pointy, but nothing close to a trainer either. We recommend going for a suede slip on, failing that a suede brogue will do nicely too. The more casual texture of the suede shoes compliments the slightly sportier aesthetic of your chinos and polo in a way a high shine leather won’t.

Follow our tips to score a hole in one in the style stakes, now all you need to do is work on your putting game.

What your jeans say about you

Jeans are a style essential in every man’s wardrobe, whether you’re headed somewhere casual or formal you can’t go wrong with a nice pair of jeans. Find out what your jeans say about you…


Skinny Jeans

They’re a bit like marmite – you either love them or you hate them, but that’s not to say you’re the same. You’re a likeable guy with bags of style and energy. Likely to be found out over the weekend at a gig or watching your favourite DJ, day times will be spent blowing out the cobwebs with a bike ride or a game of footy in the park. You’re young at heart but still a mature guy, you have confidence abound and know you can pull off this trendy cut. This fit is for a man who’s really on top of all the latest trends, wants to look good and stand out of the crowd a little more. If dark wash skinny jeans are top on your list you’re probably someone who prefers a smarter style as this shade and fit look perfect paired with an oxford shirt and a casual blazer. A lighter shade can been seen as more of a casual style and will look great paired with a printed tee and plimsolls for a sunny day out.

Shop Skinny Jeans


Slim Jeans

The slim jean is more of a classic fit which is ideal for the everyday modern gent. You’re not one to jump on a bandwagon simply because others are. You know what you like and what suits you, this doesn’t apply purely to your jeans either. In life you have a handful of passions, a tight group of mates and you make the most of your downtime by fusing form and function with this cut. It can be seen as a stylish compromise between the skinny and straight fit jean making it perfect for someone who goes for a smart casual look but always wants to feel comfortable. With room to move, these aren’t a tight fitting jean and won’t hug the thigh and calf but just straight enough to look a little more smarter than relaxed or straight jeans. If you’re a slim jeans guy we know you want simplify while looking confident – pair your jeans with a granddad shirt and brogues for guaranteed style.

Shop Slim Jeans


Straight Jeans

Before skinny and slim made an appearance this traditional fit was an essential in every man’s wardrobe and we can see exactly why. This easy to wear fit is just what a hassle free man needs – they will look perfect no matter your style or build. You’re too busy heading out to the match, catching old friends in the pub for a few pints or working out to spend time worrying over trends or fads. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to skip leg day then these will be a perfect fit on you. The straight fit man has more of a relaxed style and puts comfort and quality before everything. Straight fitting jeans will look best paired with a check or printed shirt. Don’t forget to complete the look with some stylish boat shoes which are must have spring essential.

Shop Straight Jeans

Street Style : The Navy Suit

We recently hit the streets in search of some of the most stylish men around. We quickly noticed a lot of you fine gents were pulling off a navy suit with style.


Navy is perhaps the most versatile suit colour you can invest in. It will team up nicely with most shirt and tie combos that you have already in your wardrobe. A navy suit is both businesslike and good for special occasions like weddings or formal dinners too.


If you’re missing a classic, slim fitting navy suit from your inventory, might we recommend one for you? This suit will serve you well.

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