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Top 5 Playboy Instagram Accounts To Follow

1. Dan Bilzerian


This guy is know as the biggest playboy on Instagram – he’s all about the money, cars, women, and even more money!

Check the top Instagram playboy now! 

2. Chris Gayle


There’s nothing more Chris Gayle wants than to steal 1.Dan Bilzerian”s playboy symbol – make way for the new “World Boss” Well… that’s what he wants to be called.

Check out the next ‘World Boss’ here! 

3. Pitbull


A name that doesn’t really need any explaining – someone who has it all!

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4. Mister Keating


As his profile states this is 1.Dan Bilzerian protege – follow him to view a playboy in the making!

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5. Param Sharma


Check him out @itsLavishbitch 

The Only 3 Shirts You Need This Season


  1. Casual Checked Shirt

This season pick a checked shirt as your down time, go-to shirt. This one will look great on its own with jeans or chinos. Layer it open over a fresh white or navy crew neck t-shirt during warmer autumn days, then as the cold sets in you can layer it under a grey sweater or a navy cable knit.

  1. Smart Casual Oxford

Covering all your smart/casual needs is this chambray button down Oxford shirt. A real winner teamed with dark denim or sand chinos. If you’re not required to suit up for work, this shirt will become an office staple as it looks amazing under a chunky knit or textured crew neck jumper. If you need to step it up for a date or night out then just add a navy blazer and even a burgundy knitted tie for a dapper look.

  1. Smart White Shirt

When you’re required to dress that bit more formal a smart white shirt is an essential in your inventory. If you don’t need to suit up too often then a white shirt is the one to go for as it won’t stand out and shout “Hey, this guy wears the same shirt every time he has to suit up!” whereas a bolder or patterned shirt will. The cut is modern and will look great under a slim fit suit in any colour, plus white is the most versatile for picking a tie that coordinates well.


Now, we’re not saying you should limit yourself to 3 shirts, it would up your laundry day frequency something rotten, but the point we make is that these are this season’s essential styles that no guy should be without, and hey, if you wanted to put money on it, we’d back ourselves to get by on this stellar line up of 3 shirts for a season.

Top 5 Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow

 1. Bret Contreras

It’s like having a trainer in your pocket – this strength coach’s Instagram is full of lifting, motivation and training tips.


Check out Bret @bretcontreras1

2. Dwayne Johnson

Now this is a guy that doesn’t need any explaining. Not many people can do fitness like The Rock!


Find The Rock @therock 

 3. Carson Clay Calhoun

Yoga isn’t just for women and handstands are no longer child’s play! Follow this page for workouts and techniques to really strengthen you up.


Check out this account @carsonclaycalhoun

4. Adam Bornstein

One of the best-selling authors in California and one of the biggest names in health and fitness. Follow him for workouts and nutrition.


Follow Adam @bornfitness

5. CT Fletcher

If you’re someone who’s looking for some motivation, this is the guy to follow. If his posts won’t motivate you – nothing will!


Get motivated @isymfs

When to Wear a Button Down Collar

It’s a hotly debated topic, but here’s the bottom line as to when you should or shouldn’t be wearing a button down, but first, a bit of background.

The button down is a sports shirt, there’s no two ways about it, it was a casual shirt and invented for the Polo field in America. Jump to the 50s and you’d see swathes of stylish, Ivy League, preppy young men wearing these button down sports collars across campus with neat chinos and crew neck sweatshirts, a timeless look you will agree but not a formal look. Eventually the button down became popular closer to home, but due to its sporty and casual heritage there has always been a British stigma against wearing it as formalwear where as our American counterparts are willing to wear theirs to work on Wall St! There’s still a bit of a divide in opinion across the Atlantic on the button down, but we’re about to offer our carefully considered and balanced views on the matter so sit up and pay attention!

There’s differing degrees of formality when it comes to suiting up, some are button down territory and others simply are not.

DO wear a button down if…

  • You’re going for a smart/casual look with an Oxford shirt, classic crew neck knit and dark denim or a formal trouser, this is a great look, timeless and appropriate for most days and nights!
  • You’re wearing a sports coat or a jersey blazer. This is a popular look Stateside and one that we really dig, go tie-less, pull on a pair of classic chinos and some brogues and you’ve got yourself a timeless smart/casual look.
  • You’re wearing a soft shouldered suit. These are much more informal than a traditional suit and look great with a button down shirt. A pair of desert boots are appropriate, as is a silk knitted tie.
  • You’re wearing a suit to a party or less formal occasion. Keep the suit slim or skinny fit, same with the tie if you wear one. An Oxford or brogue shoe is this look’s best friend.

DON’T wear a button down if…

  • You’re going to a black tie, this calls for a spread or a wing tip.
  • You’re going to a wedding, something a little more formal is usually required (unless the dress code is relaxed and you know you can get away with it 100%, don’t take chances.
  • You work in finance, as a lawyer or in the city in a job you’re required to suit up for with a strict dress code. You may think you’re being a little more adventurous or quirky but don’t bother unless you’ve earned the right to exercise your sartorial quirks, best leave this one to the media types and stick with a point or semi-spread collar.
  • You’re planning on wearing a big silky tie in a Windsor knot. Just no, it doesn’t work with a button down.

If in doubt and it’s a formal occasion it’s best to leave the button down at home, however if you’re confident and the occasion calls for it, the button down is now much more widely accepted to wear with a blazer or suit and even a tie as in the past these were also no-nos for us snappy dressing Brits. Just stick to our rules and you’ll never fall foul of the complicated formalwear etiquette surrounding the button down collar.

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Autumn Street Style

Autumn is here and it’s time to bring back a few classic trends and some new ones too. This is the perfect time to pick up key essentials for this season. Check out what looks we found on the London streets and just how easily you can make them your own.



If you need a new lightweight coat this autumn, we’d suggest going for the Mac. This coat has a timeless and classic style which won’t go out of fashion. It’s perfect for days that seem a little chilly and great for layering up when it gets more cold. If you think this orange Mac is a little too bold head over to our range for a variety of new season colours. Go for navy or black for a really simple look– these colours are really easy to pair with dark jeans. These desert shoes are also a new season essential – they complete the look and add extra style. Get them now in a range of different colours.



This casual look is full of style – big or small check a check shirt looks great when you’re out with some mates or headed into town for a shop. We have a range of colours, from simple to bold which will look great with some straight or relaxed jeans. To complete the look pick a bomber jacket similar to this one and a duffel bag that’s more your style.


This guy has got smart and casual nailed. You may think it’s hard to pull off, but it’s as simple as it looks – if your convinced by to buy a suit blazer with jeans go for more of a casual style blazer. Pair these with some dark jeans – go for dark jeans like these as they always look smart then lighter shades. If you still don’t feel confident enough add a knitted tie instead of a smart tie and this will casual out your look a little more.

Check Out More New Season Staples 

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