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5 top tips for great winter skin



1. Take a Quick Shower

As much as we all love a long hot shower after a cold and hard days at work. It’s not doing wonders for your skin – the hot water strips the skin from its natural oils and will cause your skin to dry out quicker. So turn the heat down, reduce the time and make sure you moisturise after your get out.

2. Moisturise more often

The best time to moisturise in winter is at night, just before going to bed. This is because at night your skin is on full repair mode and will absorb the moister much more than it would during the day. The most important part to moisturise has to be your face, as the cold has been attacking it all day. We suggest investing in some good creams – check out Jack Black for everything you’ll need. Don’t forget to cream behind your beard too! This will stop it getting dry and flaking.

3. Drink more water

This one might be stating the obvious, but many men forget that water is just as important for your skin in the winter as it is in the summer. It’s really easy to opt for a hot tea or coffee to keep us warm in the winter – but this isn’t the same as drinking water. Keep your water topped up at all times and it will do wonders for your skin.

4. A Close Shave

We all know how important your beard is to you, but a close shave once in a while is just what your face needs to look and feel healthy. A close shave will open up your pours and make your skin much healthier. You’ll thank us once that beard grows back nicer and softer.

5. Don’t forget your lips

Your lips need a lot more help in the winter, unlike your skin your lips don’t produce any natural oil. So make sure you invest in a good quality lip balm – go for Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream and you’ll be sorted – chapped lips are very unattractive and will get quite sore too.

Spring 2015 Hair Trends For Men

After a new style for the new season? Here’s our run down of the coolest cuts on the block.

Long Hair


Following on from last year’s top knot trend, long hair is back in. If you can get past that half way, awkward mid length then props to you. Bask in the glory that your tousled mane will bring you. Product-wise, a light leave in conditioner will be your best friend for flyaways and split ends.

Messy Quiff


One of our favourite hair styles of the minute. It’s low maintenance, suits most hair types and face shapes and looks pretty damn cool. If you’re concerned about how I would look in a professional setting, just tame it with some smoothing balm. For a rugged weekend look use a texturizing clay.

The MopMop

This one is a hit with the ladies. It’ll give you a youthful, boyish charm. Think Hugh Grant in his prime with a splash of Brad Pitt and a little injection of urban grittiness from the modern take on this classic cut. Easy to maintain, use product with a very light hold and finish. Something to leave your lid looking smooth in an unpolished but polished way, if you get our drift?

5 of the Best Posh Kebabs

A step up from the usual greasy meat in a polystyrene container and limp pita, we’ve scoped out 5 of the best posh kebabs you can get in Britain. There’s no need to feel guilty about scoffing any of these on a Friday night after a craft beer or two.



Based in Essex, this fine dining restaurant boasts one of Britain’s best kebabs according to the British Kebab Awards 2015. We recommend the Karisik Sis, Lahmacun and Cacik.



In its prime, waterside location, Havez is a joy to visit. When we go, the Kisir is ordered to share and the Pacanga makes a nice change from the usual Borek pastries. You can’t go wrong with their Lamb Kofte.



Serving up all your favourite Turkish classics, Ishtar is a Burton favourite on a Friday night. If you ever fancy a break from your usual kebab, try the Iskender for something a little different.


Skewd Kitchen

Easily the most modern kebab restaurant that we’ve come across, Skewd is a pretty trendy affair. That’s not to say it’s style over substance. If you do feel like venturing away from succulent, grilled meats, opt for one of their traditional Pides.


Super Kebab 

Ok, so it’s not the POSHEST kebab, but it is the best. You don’t have to take away, book a table and eat it with a knife and fork if you want it to more closely mimic a fine dining experience. Sample the Halep Kebab or the Super Special Kebab and you won’t be disappointed.

This Friday night, treat youself to one of these posh kebabs, a definite step up from your usual dirty donner.

How to Care for Suede Shoes in Winter


You’ve bought a smart new pair of suede shoes. They’re going to become your firm favourites, your go-to shoe for every occasion when you know damn well you can’t get away with trainers, from pub lunches to at the office and everything in between.

We’re here to help you keep those fresh treads looking as new as possible for as long as possible…


Suede Protector

An absolute essential. Don’t even think about leaving the house in your new shoes without spraying them with a layer of suede protector. Less is more to an extent, you don’t want to saturate the suede, just a light coating all over will do nicely. Lightly brush the suede just before and just after to make sure the nap of the suede is adequately raised.


Treat Water Spills

Pat the spillage with a dry towel, try to avoid rubbing the wet patch in. If it is a considerable spill then cover it lightly in a sprinkle of cornmeal. It will draw the water out and absorb it. Leave it over night if possible, and in the morning dust off the excess cornmeal and lightly buff the suede with a suede brush or a toothbrush to get rid of any remnants and restore the nap of the suede.


Treat Salt Stains

When the frost thaws and you find you’ve stepped in a puddle of dissolved grit, the salt stains you get on your shoes can be a little soul destroying. Grab your toothbrush or suede brush and gently buff as much of the excess salt away as possible. Next, grab some white vinegar and dampen a towel with it. Very gently dab the salty stains with the dampened cloth until they start to dissolve. If the suede has been particularly matted and scuffed by your escapades in gritty puddles, stick the kettle on to boil and as it steams, hold the shoe 15cm above the steam spout until the suede starts to soften slightly and then buff the nap back to its perky self with your suede brush.


Remove Mud

We like to wait until the mud has dried completely. It removes the temptation to rub vigorously at the wet mud stain, only rubbing it further into the suede and causing more damage. Once it’s dry you can brush the worst of it away. Lightly buff away until the stain has disappeared. If it is a particularly stubborn stain, resort to the white vinegar trick we use on salt stains and you should find it works a treat.


Don’t resign your favourite suede shoes or desert boots to the back of the cupboards just because of the weather. Wear them year round, safe in the knowledge you can buff them back to pristine condition using our tips and tricks.

Micro Trend Watch – In The Navy


Straight from the runways of LC:M for SS15, navy from tip to toe is one designer trend we can really get on board with. It looks top notch on the catwalks of Burberry, E. Tautz and JW Anderson, although it certainly needs toning down for every day.


Make this style more wearable by picking classic menswear silhouettes all in navy and blue. We’ve plumped for a timeless Oxford shirt, skinny jeans, chunky fisherman rib jumper and a trend enduring navy mac. Add a pair of seriously cool blue suede brogues and a knitted beanie for extra fashion pack kudos.

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