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Which Winter Boots To Buy

One of the most important things about winter is getting the perfect pair of boots. You’ll want a pair that will not only look stylish, keep your feet nice and toasty, but  can also easily be paired with smart and more casual outfits. We’ve done the hard work for you and picked 3 must have boots this winter – you won’t go wrong with these.


Chelsea Boots

1. Chelsea Boots

These boots have a classic and timeless style making them perfect for a formal look. Whether it’s just a shirt and trousers or the full Monty – these boots will complete the look without a doubt. The black and brown leather can easily be paired with any suit and will definitely make your look just that little bit more premium.


Dessert Boots

2. Dessert Boots

Headed to a formal evening meal or a date night with a girl you’re trying to impress? Finish your look with these – they look great with some straight chinos, an Oxford shirt and a smart wool blazer. If you’re headed for a more casual day out, pair with skinny or slim jeans.


Brogue Boots

3. Leather Brogue Boots

If you lived in your brogues for all of autumn you’ll want to upgrade to these brogue boots for winter. They’ve still got that classic brogue style but they’re just a little more suited for the winter weather. They come with great durability, comfort and style and look best with straight jeans or chinos – don’t forget to roll up the bottoms to show off your boots a little.

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How to Wear a Roll Neck

This is the winter of the roll neck jumper. We’re fully on board with their versatile, relaxed formal aesthetic that quietly states ‘I’ve got bags of style’.

At first they might seem a daunting prospect, but we’re on hand with 3 reliable and foolproof ways to wear yours this season.

1. Suits you sir

The thinking man’s alternative to a shirt and tie, wear a fine gauge polo neck jumper underneath your favourite suit. We recommend navy or camel underneath a grey checked suit or for something a little bolder try a dark green or a plum colour under your navy or black suit. A roll neck under a suit is a match made in heaven, just the ticket to take you from board room to bar for a mid-week date.

2. Twice as nice
Double knitwear, it’s a thing. Not quite cold enough to warrant a thick overcoat, not mild enough for a shirt and jumper – this calls for a slick roll neck sweater layered under a chunky shawl neck cardigan or crew neck cable knit jumper. Here you want the colours to stand out from one another so steer clear of layering autumnal jewel tones together, instead team navy with a bold mustard, or a deep plum with a lighter grey. We think you’ll agree this look is top notch, just the ticket for a day of gallery hopping, with plenty of coffee pit stops.

3. Sugar-coated
Wear your polo neck jumper with your most trusted slim dark denim, a great pair of leather brogues and your brand new winter coat. This down-time get-up works best with a smart overcoat; we’re talking a Chesterfield, Pea Coat or Mac. This look is just the ticket for a Sunday stroll to the local pub for a roast.

Christmas Jumpers – Hall Of Fame

Christmas is just around the corner and what would Christmas be without a good Christmas jumper! Let’s admit it, as quirky as they are we all love wearing them. They just seem to add that perfect bit of cheer to our looks. We’ve got into to the Christmas spirit early and taken a look through our favorite festive movies to see who’s pulled off some of the best jumpers.



Bridget Jones’ Diary 

If Mark Darcy can pull off a this roll neck, red nose, Rudolf jumper and pull the lovely Bridget Jones while wearing it – you have nothing to worry about! We’ve got to give him so brownie points for this one, he seems to wear it with great style.


The Santa Claus 3: The Escape Claus

This is what we call a well dressed Santa Claus! We love this Christmas jumper just as much as the move. It’s simple, festive and does exactly what a good Christmas jumper should.  He definitely won’t need to escape from this one.


Dumb and Dumber

It’s great to see that Dumb and Dumber have finally done something smart! Jeff Daniels jumper looks very similar to our Reindeer Fairisle Patterned Christmas Jumper. It looks great paired with dark jeans and if you want to look extra festive add a bobble hat.


How The Grinch Stole Christmas

So this jumper might be a little out there and is worn by the one person who really hates Christmas…but who cares – It’s Christmas! Here’s a top tip for those who aren’t too fond of Christmas – throw on a simple fairisle jumper, you’ll look great and no one will question why you’re being a Grinch!



Family Guy

Thanks Louis for making Brian wear this cool Christmas jumper! We don’t think Brians face is doing it enough justice, but it’s definitely one of our favourites.

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Christmas Party Etiquette

Christmas party. Social minefield. One and the same thing, unless of course you’re au fait with our simple etiquette steps that will make you everyone’s golden guest this party season.


1. Look the Part

If there’s a dress code, stick to it. You’re host has requested everyone wear black tie to sit around their living room fireplace drinking beer and eating finger food? You turn up in black tie, snappy suit, white shirt and shined shoes. If in doubt wear a suit, but turn down the formality by losing the shirt and tie and instead plumping for a polo neck jumper underneath. Relaxed formal should be your go-to so you’ll never feel like you’ve over or under done it with the dress code.

Make sure your style is on point.

2. Bring a Bottle

Take a minute to have a think about what it is your host likes to drink. Did they ever mention an unusual gin or whiskey they had particularly enjoyed? Did they compliment a robust red you served at your own party? Is he a Pale Ale man? Just a little thought will go the extra mile to get you in their good books, meaning first dibs on the canapés which is always a plus! Just don’t turn up with a cheap, off the shelf plonk that everyone knows is always half price at the supermarket. You don’t have to spend too much more to get something great.


3. Talk Less, Listen More

People like to talk about themselves, it’s a fact. But this party season dial it in a bit and really focus on others rather than yourself when it comes to conversation. No-one likes a story topper who has been there and done that but they sure love someone who lends an ear, is an attentive listener and who asks them plenty of questions. This little tip is especially charming to the fairer sex, so instead of a testosterone fuelled bragging match with your male competitors, ask her questions and remember that the quietest man in the room often has the most to say.

4. Thirsty Work

All that listening and looking dapper can really work up a thirst but the last thing you need is to get steaming drunk at the Christmas party. Take it easy on the booze and be remembered for being the charming, engaging and well put together gent rather than the rowdy drunk guy staggering about and dancing like a bit of a plonker. Go steady, quietly pour yourself a sparkling water in between champagne cocktails and try not to have more than one alcoholic drink per hour. You’ll still have a great time, the only difference is you won’t make a fool of yourself and you’ll be able to remember the party the next day.


5. Final Curtain

If you can sense the party is winding down, it’s time to head for the exit. Aim to leave at the pinnacle of the party atmosphere and leave the guests and the host wanting just that little bit more. This one is a fine line to walk as leaving really early could be considered rude. Don’t slip out without thanking your host for a wonderful evening but similarly, don’t labour over a farewell double lap of the room. Remember the well known rule that nothing good happens after 2am? Of course it has its exceptions but it’s generally one to stick to, so grab your Chesterfield and hop in a cab.

A Tasteful Take on the Christmas Jumper

Along with Christmas dinner, family, the Christmas movies and cheer – we all love a good Christmas jumper! But it’s not the easiest thing to pull off for some people. We love a novelty jumper as much as the next person, but sometimes they can come across as a little inappropriate – We’re making sure you get it right, here’s a few tasteful ways to keep in with the festive jumper spirit in style.


Christmas jumpers are easier to pull off than you think. Stick to simple styles with a hint of Christmas and team with slim dark wash denim, a nice pair of dessert boots and don’t forget to complete your look with a festive bobble hat.

We recommend going for a fairisle pattern and nordic style knits like the one in the image above, as they look great in different colours and won’t attract too much attention. If you would like to be even more discreet with your jumper go for monochrome tones which are even simpler to pull off.


Here are some of our top picks for Christmas jumpers. These look great layered with a shirt or own their own – paired with jeans or chinos. Stick with these styles this Christmas you’ll look great and feel the part.

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