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5 Winter Sun Destinations

Not looking forward to the cold and rainy January weather? We’ve picked out 5 of the best destinations to kick start the New Year with a sunny holiday.



1. Barbados

Holiday in the sun like the stars or Made in Chelsea! It’s one of their favourite sun destinations and we can see exactly why. Barbados is a beautiful coral island, full of long stretched white sandy beaches and clear blue-green seas. Whether you’re someone who loves art, music, history, relaxing or just wants to party! This island has a something for everyone.

Aside from the shops and street markets we’d really recommend heading over to Bridgetown, which is full of many historical sites. If you’re someone who loves food – try out as much soul food as you can. The street side stands have the best macaroni pies and fried chicken.



2. Thailand

If you’re headed to Thailand to escape the January bad weather – rain especially, then you’ll want to stay in Phuket Town which is off Thailand’s south west coasts. It’s guaranteed to be sunny and rain free. This a sunny town is full of diversity and friendly faces. You’ll find a big mix of tourism and culture during your stay.

Thailand is also known for its night life – if you’re looking for a beach party, head over to Patong beach which is just a small walk away from bars and restaurants. After sunset all the roads get closed off for cars and the streets over flow with people who are ready to party hard!



3. Maldives

You’ll expects highs of 29 degrees in January if you pick Maldives sandy beaches! Now that’s a temperature we can get down with, who could say no to a January tan? The most popular destination in the Maldives has to be the City of Male, which is the biggest island. If you’re really big on fishing then this is the place to be – the best time to go finishing is either sunrise or sunset and you could get lucky by catching an eel or even a shark!



4. Bali

They don’t call it the Island of Gods without it being the closest thing to paradise! If you’re looking for a mix of calm and lively atmosphere then this is the place to go. Head over to the heart of Bali in Ubud for a spiritual and cultural experience. If you’re up for some surfing and diving in the sun then you’ll want to stay in the north or west of Bali.



5. Mexico

We’re talking Cancun! One of the best places to stay in Mexico. It’s all about the nightlife – which we know is what you’re looking for. If you head over to Hotel Zone they tend to go all out with really cool light shows, plus you might even bump into Flo Rida or 50 cent on the decks!
It’s also know for great beaches, sun, and of course Mexican food. If you go to Mexico just for the mouth-watering Mexican food, we won’t judge you – we love it just as much.

How to dress for a black-tie dress code

Good knowledge to keep in your inventory at all times, but especially applicable at this time of year. This is the definitive guide on how to dress for a black tie event. You’ll be surprised just how simple you can keep it…


The shirt

Always white, never button down.

Those are the only two steadfast rules. The rest is open to interpretation. For a full on look a wing collar and a cocktail cuff, complete with ruffled front is a decidedly dandy option. Just as appropriate is a cut away collar and a French cuff or even a spread collar and a straight up barrel cuff. It’s all down to your personal preference.

The Trousers

You must wear a plain hemmed pair of bottoms, no turn-ups. A slimmer fit is on trend when it comes to black-tie, especially if they have a ribbon down the leg. However, a pair of black dinner trousers is also 100% suitable for black tie. The rules around wearing a ribbon trimmed tuxedo trouser have definitely relaxed somewhat in recent years.

The Jacket

A dinner jacket should be worn, preferably with lapels matching the ribbon on your trousers. Just make sure it fits properly through the shoulders and doesn’t drown you. If you’re feeling a little more flamboyant a velvet jacket is also acceptable. Equally, these days if you want to keep it extremely understated a plain black suit jacket with notched lapels should suffice, just make sure the other elements to your look are smart and on point.


The tie has to be black, obviously, but come on and push the boat out by opting for a bow tie. Braces can be any colour so let your imagination run wild. Your shoes must be well shined dress shoes or smart shoes. A brogue is passable as long as it isn’t rubber soled; an Oxford shoe is an easy and adaptable choice.

Adding a plain white pocket square can be a phenomenally great addition to a black dinner jacket. Remember to wear cufflinks if you have plumped for a French cuff. If your trousers are a little on the low side, conceal the waistband by adding a cummerbund or waistcoat but make it sophisticated in black, other colours are wild and ostentatious.


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Alternative New Year’s Eve Ideas

To be honest, we’re sick of paying an extra £50 to get through the door of our local watering hole, just because it’s New Year’s Eve. We’ve had it with the queues for the bar that are 5 deep and don’t get us started on the price of a taxi home.

This New Year’s Eve we’ve decided to try something a bit different, so round up all your mates and pick an alternative to your standard New Year’s Eve party.


Dinner Party

Coax a mate with a huge dining room into hosting, everyone brings a dish, a fold out chair and copious amounts of champagne and you’re set for one surprisingly enjoyable New Year celebration. After dinner, play a game like Articulate or Cards of Humanity for plenty of raucous laughter and a competitive twist.


For a retro, Scottish themed New Year find somewhere holding a Cèilidh. If that means heading up to Edinburgh for it, make a trip of it and rent a house or apartment for a couple of days. This is a great idea if you’re in a group of pals where you’re all coupled up. Get into the spirit and drink fine scotch all night long, or Buckfast, if you’re that way inclined.

Boat Party

Once you’re on, you’re on for the long haul, all the way into 2015. Perhaps not one for those with a weak stomach for the high seas, but perfect fun for everyone else! Every city with a waterway is bound to be having a boat party so grab tickets for you and your crew for a wavey New Year’s celebration.


The New Year is seen as a time for self improvement and resolutions. Cut to the chase and just start being a better guy a few hours earlier. Register to volunteer at a hospital, homeless shelter or another charity close to your heart for NYE. You’ll feel great, not to mention there won’t be a crippling hangover the next day.

Learn Something New

In the same vane as volunteering, start your night as you mean to continue the next year. Round up your closest friends and book an experience doing something like learning to make sushi or mix the perfect Negroni. Many options will be able to be booked to a house or private venue too. This is definitely a more civilised and genteel option to stumbling out of an overpriced club and 2 in the morning and queuing for 50 minutes to get a cab.


Whatever you choose to do just make sure you’re looking the part. We can help with that too.


5 of the Best British Christmas Traditions

One of the best things about Christmas have to be the fun Christmas traditions! We’ve all got our own, but here’s what we think are the top 5 British Christmas traditions…



1. A White Christmas

If there’s anyone more obsessed about having a white Christmas it has to be the British. Soon as its December there’s at least one article in the newspaper about the likeliness of snow and not to mention the Met filling us with hope. We get so hopeful that checking the weather is just as frequent as opening our advent calendars. No matter how convinced (or not convinced)we are – you’ll never know until you run to the window first thing on Christmas morning.



2. Boxing Day

A holiday which is traditionally celebrated after Christmas Day – is a day when servants and tradespeople received gifts, known as a “Christmas Box” from the bosses or employers. Now it’s just another day to spend time with family and friends – whether you’re up at 6am to get first grabs on Boxing Day sales (bookmark our sale now to be first in line!) or kicking back with a beer ready for the big football game!



3. Queen Speech

There’s nothing like sitting in front of the TV in your ridiculously comfy onesies waiting for the Queen to make her traditional speech. This tradition goes way back to 1932 when King George V did his very first royal Christmas speech over the radio. Following years of tradition the Queen now delivers this message from her thrown in Buckingham palace, which usually just her summing up the year’s major events while dinner gets prepared.



4. Coin in Christmas pudding

Christmas day wouldn’t be complete without Christmas pudding and just to make it that little bit more special us British folk have added a little twist to make them that little bit more exciting. For years it’s been tradition to add a sixpence coin (usually five pence now) to your pudding mixture. The person who is served this coin in their slice is said to gain a lot of wealth in the New Year.



5. Crackers and Paper Crowns

So the Christmas cracker isn’t one of these traditions that goes way back, but what’s not fun about holding the ends of a colourful roll and pulling as hard as you can just to win a paper crown! Definitely what we call fun and the paper crown does actually have some significance. They were first added to the cracker in the 1900’s and give you the chance to feel like the king of the table!


3 Christmas Dinner Sides That Will Blow You Away

This Christmas we’ve teamed up with the gents over at Gran Luchito to bring you 3 extraordinary recipes for Christmas Dinner side dishes that are #JustTheTicket.

Forget every bad word you’ve ever said about sprouts, because first up is a recipe that will elevate those slightly soggy, bitter green balls into a side dish you’ll want seconds of.


Butter, bacon, smoked chilli and garlic make these shredded sprouts a favourite at the dinner table. Get the recipe now.

Next up, some sausage meat stuffing, served in roasted red onions.


Sausage meat stuffing works wonders with Turkey and this recipe provides an innovative new way to serve it. Go the extra mile, it’s worth it, and you’ll find your Christmas dinner is #JustTheTicket with this tasty side.

Finally, you’ve heard of pigs in blankets, but this Christmas it’s all about these devil’s on horseback.

For a boozy twist on this recipe you can soak the prunes or dates in a bit of whiskey before wrapping in deliciously salty streaky bacon and drizzling with the secret ingredient (Luchito’s incredible smoked chilli honey). We defy you not to go back for seconds of these.

For even more Christmas recipe ideas that are #JustTheTicket for a Turkey dinner that’s just a little bit better than anyone else’s, check out Gran Luchito now. Gran Luchito is available online at TescoOcadoAmazon.

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