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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Cosy Up With Knitwear Paul

It's got noticeably colder this week, and as much as we're willing the weather guy to bring us happy news of a heatwave on its way, sadly that just ain't gonna happen.

You're gonna need a good Winter jumper, and fast!

To make life easier for you, we grabbed Assistant Merchandiser Paul from Burton HQ and threw a couple of our favourite jumpers on him! Paul's tried them on, so you don't have to – plus you lot can see what they look like on.

What a good sport – thanks mate!


Blog post copy

Grey Cable Shawl Cardigan, £55 / Cream Cable Shawl Cardigan, £55 / Navy Overhead Cable Shawl Jumper £50 / Khaki Overhead Cable Shawl Jumper, £50


''We've got an Urban Hunter sort of trend going on at the moment, which is all about looking a bit rugged and outdoorsy. These cable shawl jumpers and cardigans fit the bill perfectly! They're all really quality pieces, made in Italy using twisted yarns, and are really chunky and warm. They'll make ideal Christmas presents too!"

Paul Olley – Assistant Merchandiser

Shop Jumpers & Cardigans here.

Reality Tees…

Tell us REEM means something to you?!

Love it or hate it, The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE to its dedicated viewers) has captured the nation's attention. Big time. We don't believe anyone can have missed this super trashy programme…can they? !

Either way, get involved and try one of these slogan tees inspired by the reality TV series. Go on, we dare you…

 Team Reem

 Team Reem Tshirt, £16

Nice One
Nice One Tshirt, £16
Shuuuut Up!
Shuuut Up Tshirt, £16


TOWIE really not your thing? How about this one sporting one of the…erm…more memorable phrases from the Inbetweeners?

 Wall to Wall Clunge
Wall to Wall Clunge Tshirt, £16

Really, team Burton are lost for words!


Do you dare to wear to wear our slogan tees? Leave your comments and let us know…

A History of Denim…

Everyone the world over owns a pair, most of us live in them, and it's fair to say that very few of us could do without them. Yes, we're talking about your good old denim jeans.

138 yrs old and still rocking, jeans are going nowhere fast! Here's Burton's snapshot of the jean's stand out historical moments from their creation in 1873 by Levi Strauss until now.


The people and things that made denim happen (and kept it going)…

Denim Scrapbook

 images courtesy of blog The Selvedge Yard. 

From Top Left to Right: Bing Crosby in a denim suit / Lone Cowboy / Burton Jeans / Levi Strauss' 1873 Logo / Burton's Light Denim Shirt / Stack of Burton Jeans in different denim washes / Burton's Dark Denim Shirt / James Dean in his trademark jeans / A still from film 'Rebel Without a Cause' starring James Dean / Levi denim pocket / Steve McQueen wearing denim.


And the vital stuff you need to know….

It all started with Levi Strauss when, in 1873, he manufactured workman's overalls in a sturdy fabric called denim, made to stand up against general wear and tear.

Cowboys in the U.S. soon caught on a few decades later and thought this was a pretty neat idea too – they started to wear their jeans (and Stetsons!) for maintaing their land and riding their horses.

Bing Crosby was a huge fan of Levis, and even wore a denim suit in the 50s (not to our liking these days, but it was a big deal at the time).

In 1955 jeans really got their big break, and became a youth phenomenon after legendary actor James Dean wore then in cult film 'Rebel Without a Cause'. Around that time, Steve McQueen followed in Dean's trend setting footsteps and also became a poster boy for jeans and what they symbolised.

…And then the 70s happened and they were not only suddenly as much a part of U.S. mainstream culture as Coca Cola or fries, but they went global. In a really big way.

These days, we still love our jeans to bits. The go-with-anything pair of trousers that in many ways are the best item of clothing we own (well they've got a lot of mileage in them, haven't they?). Jeans may be everywhere, but there's so much variation that we'll never get sick of them!  

Pick up a new pair of jeans or denim shirt today.

It’s all in the Detail…

Look closely and you'll see our heavyweight jumpers and cardigans in a different way…

Because we think knitwear is an investment buy – and something you don't just splash your cash on without a bit of consideration – we're helping you to shop smartly to make sure you settle on the right one. Well, that's what mates are for, right?

The Knowledge blog, with the help of our team of knitwear experts, are focusing on a few of the things that make our jumpers and cardigans stand out from the rest this season.

Consider these before you buy…




 The Cable Stitch

The Chunky Stitch




 The Aztec Print

Red Diamond Jumper



The Extras



Wear To


Inspired? Shop all Jumpers and Cardigans.

A Winning Window…

Here at Burton we like giving our mates a pat on the back when they've done good and Danni Purnell, one of our very own Visual Merchandisers, is certainly deserving of our praise…

Danni won a competition to create a brilliant and unique window concept for designer Nicole Fahri, in conjunction with London College of Fashion. As the winner of this prestigious competition, his window was installed in Nicole Fahri's top London stores and signalled the start of London Fashion Week. He's even been featured in Vogue too!


Here's his winning design…


And Danni at work…

Window in Progress 

Interested to know more, we caught up with Danni to ask him about his winning entry, and his day to day Visual Merchandising job at Burton…


Q NEW What attracted you to a career in Visual Merchandising?

A NEW 5 years ago I was working as a Sales Assistant in Burton's Cribbs Causeway store in Bristol and I was just so intrigued about how a stores windows make such a difference on the customers and feel of the shop – I wanted to get involved so I got in touch with Head Office about a career in Visual Merchandising. I was transferred to the Oxford Street store and went from there.


Q NEW What does your day-to-day involve?

A NEW No two days are the same, but on a weekly basis i'm updating the windows with new concepts, and changing the mannequins in our biggest central London stores West 1 on Oxford Street and Stratford. Our installations are done at night when the store is closed so its not unusual to work late into the night.


Q NEW What do you enjoy most about what you do?

A NEW I most enjoy mannequin styling as it's a surprising difficult thing to do at a very high level. Getting the clothes to sit right on the mannequin, look good, and stay crease free is pretty difficult. Doing a layered look with a coat, cardigan, top – and when we get properly into Winter, a scarf and hat- is a bit tricky because you have to make sure you're showing enough of every product and nothing's hidden away. I've had some really positive feedback from our Regional Controller about the way the mannequins are styled so that's been really nice to hear.


Q NEW What inspired your winning window design for Nicole Fahri?

A NEW My design was influenced by two artists – a sculptor Anthony Gormley, and a figurative painter Egon Schiele. With these two artists in mind, I created geometric structures that featured imperfections, just like Schiele's work. The hexagons for instance, were broken up with black blocks so that intentionally nothing looked completely perfect.


Q NEW How much time went into creating the window?

A NEW It was quite a long process but completely worth it! I reckon it took just about 15 weeks from the initial research stage to the final outcome.


Q NEW Your instillation in Nicole Fahri's flagship store coincided with London Fashion Week, did you get to see her show?

A NEW Yes – I was lucky enough to go along! It was really incredible to be there and I even saw Anna Wintour (Editor of American Vogue), which was a bit surreal. At the Nicole Fahri party afterwards in the Conduit Street store, all the celebs were having their pictures taken against my instillation which was pretty cool too.


Q NEW Can you tell us what you're working on for Burton at the moment?

A NEW I'm really busy splitting my time between the Stratford and Oxford Street West 1 stores – there's new window changes every week as our stock is doing incredibly well this season and selling out really fast! We've just recently changed the windows from a casual, weekend sort of focus, with long sleeve crew neck sweatshirts and casual shirts being the main pieces, to a knitwear one as the weather really is starting to drop and we're predicting people will start looking for their winter jumpers and cardigans now.


Interested to know more? You can keep tabs on Danni Purnell by following his blog – The Visual Merchandiser, or on Twitter @dannipurnell

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