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I’ll Take you Out…

Take Me Out Clip

If you’re anything like us, you can’t get enough of ITV’s Take Me Out – those girls dressed up to the nines, Paddy’s, erm, Paddy-isms (more than you could ever want here!) and those brave, BRAVE guys that have basically signed-up to be fed to the lions!

Well, also like us, you might have a list of New Years resolutions as long as your arm – are we right? On that list, we’ve got ‘get fit’, ‘save money!’ and ‘drink less*’ (*excluding weekends, mate’s birthdays and other celebratory occasions). But we’ve also got ‘find a girl’. Call us lame, but we’re after a lady friend for 2012. So without going all Mark Wright on you (we can’t be the only ones who cringed at his confidence boosting tips for blackout contestant George on Saturday’s show? Well, that snake didn’t help), we’re lending you lot a helping hand.

This is the quick-fix, what-to-do when you’ve met a girl, want to take her out, and the panic sets in, sot of plan. Follow these and you’re sail through to make it to a second!


Being a menswear brand and all, we know how to make you look the part. Dress to impress – literally. Here’s just a few neat outfits you can wear to impress the lady from the word go…

Date Outfits

BOWLING: Chambray Shirt £25, V Neck T-shirt £8, Tapered Twist Apricot Chinos £32 / CINEMA: Navy Check Long Sleeve Shirt £25, Grey Herringbone Plimsolls £18, Dark Wash Jeans £40 / DINNER & DRINKS: Knightsbridge Shirt £30, Loake Brogue Boot £150, Skinny Purple Chino £32



Retrieve everything your ma said about manners – please’s and thank you’s are non-negotiable (in life, but on a date, especially). Other courtesies like being polite to that barman who’s taking FOREVER to pull you a pint, holding the door open for your date while she’s teetering along in her heels and refraining from littering your conversation with swear words, will create the right impression.





Avoid the below at all costs! But have a laugh reading them…

Did it hurt? When you fell out of heaven…

I hope you know CPR? Because you take my breath away…

Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes…

Is there an airport nearby? Or is that my heart taking off?


We’re speechless.



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